Humanity Running

Running to Ensure an Enduring Human Future

Throughout recorded human history, feats of physical, emotional and mental endurance have inspired epic legends, heroic tales, and even entire methods of living.  Prior to recorded history, humans developed physiological adaptations to environmental stresses that allowed them to endure and outlast hardship upon hardship.  One could say that endurance is the defining characteristic of the human spirit.  To go on, to live on, to keep innovating and evolving in the face of obstructions, complications and difficulties - this is to be human.

As humanity evolves and grows, we are constantly reconsidering how best to live amongst one another and within the confines of our planet's ecosystems.  We have tried many times, and are still trying, to live outside of our planet's confines by "conquering" natural order.  At the end of each of these efforts, we only find more complications, and we often find that we have detrimentally altered a collective resource.  We must begin to find ways of living within natural order, and within the human community as a whole.

The goal of Humanity Running is to connect the idea of human endurance to our current, problematic state of human affairs.  Our mission statement reads:

"Humanity Running will use the action of endurance running as a symbol for the indomitable vitality of the human spirit, and as a means of increasing awareness and funding for projects related to connecting this spirit with the environment that it needs in order to thrive."  

As endurance runners, we will use the events that we create or participate in to inspire endurance in others, as well as inform public audiences about current issues in human rights and environmental sustainability at local, regional and global levels.