Running the Cohos Trail to benefit The Cohos Trail Association

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150 Miles to benefit the Karma Project of Nepal

On July 22nd, 2015, Rob Rives of Humanity Running began a record-setting "fastpack" of the 165-mile Cohos Trail in northern New Hampshire.  This effort was undertaken to benefit The Cohos Trail Association (TCTA), the fine folks who dreamed up this ambitious trail and continue to improve, build and maintain it (and all the shelters and campsites along it) to this day.  Just after midnight on July 25th, Rob completed his journey and set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Cohos Trail in a time of 2 days, 17 hours and 57 minutes.  Read the full report here.

The Cohos Trail is not simply another American long-distance trail; it is a pathway through a region that lies far from urban sprawl and influence, and it endures through its ability to humbly sustain itself via natural resources, farming and tourism.  The Great North Woods, as the region is known in its broader range across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, is the largest area of unspoiled land in the Eastern US that is also used by humans in sustainable manners.  Many argue that outside pressures are being felt that could potentially alter the region permanently (see this article on understanding the implications of the Northern Pass Project), and we feel that this is a time to do our part and highlight the natural wonders and importance of these areas, so that they may remain that way.  The Cohos Trail is a regional attraction that will help bring more outdoors enthusiasts to the northern reaches of New Hampshire, and by documenting a thru-run of this trail we hope to aid in this inspiration.

Between the evenings of Friday, February 27th and Sunday, March 1st 2015, Rob Rives of Humanity Running succeeded in his effort to complete 150 miles on foot at the Razorback Endurance Run 48-Hour event in San Martin, CA. The Humanity Running team kept Rob fed, watered and sane as he ran the two-mile loop course 75 times over the course of the weekend, stopping only for three briefly attempted naps. At hour 47 Rob reached the 150-mile benchmark and slumped into a chair, besting his previous longest-run distance by nearly 50 miles.

This first effort by Humanity Running was completed in order to raise funds and awareness for a collection of communities on the other side of the planet: the rural villages of Nepal's Himalaya region.  The Karma Project of Nepal focuses on helping these communities sustain their traditional ways of life while providing access to education, medical services and reliable, renewable energy sources.  To attain these goals, the Karma Project is building a framework of locally owned, sustainable tourism companies that help rural Nepalese villagers support themselves financially in a shifting global economy.

In the course of this event, Humanity Running succeeded in raising nearly $1000 through online and in-person donations to help the efforts of the Karma Project.  If you would like to donate to the Karma Project, or learn more about their valuable work, please visit the Karma Project website.